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Holistic Collaboration® is all about connecting the unseen to ways of moving onto the other side, and the seen in connecting to the many ways we can have guidance by Spirit and the Divine for determining truth, healing, flourishing and thriving. The use of a variety of techniques that creates a healthier, more joyful, and more in-tuned life. It harmonizes and optimizes a person's energy and physical being by aligning the mind, the body, and the energy/spirit.


Meet Sherry

My life is beautifully altered since incorporating Eastern, Western, and Tribal healing and spiritual philosophies from different areas of the world. My goal is to share what I have learned and to aid others getting reconnected to the many forms of Divine communication within each of us.  This lends to healing, a better understanding others, ourselves, our world, and opens doors for accurately determining truth for ourselves! Laughter is absolutely one of the keys so let’s make sure to have a lot of fun along the way!


Services Introduction

Featured Services

Consultations, Hypnotherapy, Intuitive and Tarot Readings

Consultation - Online or By Phone

Holistic Health Consultation

1 hour 30 min | 65.00 USD

A variety of physical and spiritual  Techniques/Growth/Knowledge towards healing physically, spiritually.  This session also helps to aid in overcoming resistance to living with joy and peace. Reconnecting the client to their best forms of divine communication and guidance is also part of this session.  Please specify the reason for this appointment so that I can properly prepare. Thank you

Feel free to record!


Hypnotherapy - Online or In Home

Hypnotherapy Past Life/Attached Being Removal 

2 hours 30 min | 225.00 USD

Go into several past lives for healing today and let’s remove any attached being that is interfering with growth and health.  This is very common and occurs if an individual has some reason for not moving on after death.  The being then attaches to the same areas that they struggled with in life.  These attachments can affect our energy which hurts health. This is a very loving and kind experience for both.  The life story the being shares and why it attached is simply mind-blowing. 

An audio of the session is provided but not guaranteed.  


Hypnotherapy - Online or In Home

Past Life Progression/Regression

2 hours 30 min | 225.00 USD

General healing; meet your celestial team (Guardian, Angels, and Healing Guide for those in healing); go into the future; experience past life or several lives all the way through the death and onto the other side.  While on the other side there is time to spend with others and ask questions, we will close the session with successful and proven statements to carry with you and aid in daily life healing and goals.

Audio provided but not guaranteed.


Reiki - Online or Phone

Reiki Treatment 

1 hour 30 min | 100.00 USD

Reiki is an ancient Japanese art form of moving energy.  An alternative medicine that is transferred through the palms to the client located anywhere.  It balances energy and the physical body harmonizing all to encourage emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.


Hypnotherapy - Online

General Hypnotherapy -  Online

2 hours 30 min | 225.00 USD

General healing involves meeting your celestial team, balancing the energy system and the physical body and to focus on what you most wish to create in your life:    Weight loss/maintenance, Focus, Stop-Smoking, Rid Fears, Alter Thinking and whatever is holding you back in succeeding with your goals. 

Audio is provided so you can repeat the session as often as you wish.  No need for multiple appointments!!  


Tarot Readings - In-Person

Tarot Party Readings

5 Hours | 100.00 USD Deposit

1 hour Host reading prepaid at $100 and $45 each guest (paid at time of party) for 20 min each.  Up to 10 guests.  Get ready to have a lot of fun and lots of laughter.  These are so much fun!!!  

Feel free to record!  Tips are accepted.  


Tarot Readings - Online or Phone

Intuitive / Tarot Readings 

Mini Reading ½ hour $75

Regular 1 ½ hours $200


Arrange via Email or Phone

Astro Numerology Report

Printout sent via Email | $65

This is a printout sent to you via email that touches on your Astrology, Chinese, and provides a very detailed Numerology Report. It can clue a person into areas that sabotage and talents you may not even know you have. Usually 8-12 pages in length. this requires your name, birthdate, place of birth, and time of birth if known.  

Numerology is a Universal mathematical language that clarifies energetic creation and timing which manifests in the physical.  Governments, Businesses, Military, and Individuals use Numerology to aid at many levels.   

collaboratingspirits@gmail.com form for email is on books page


Featured Service

Health Consultation

 Please Schedule Via Email or Phone

Reiki Training

I am Dr. Usui trained with German influence in my Masters. As a Doctor of Holistic Health there are many skills added into the success of those training with me. Each student gets Reiki tweaked to their unique intuition and healing skills.
My goal is to make you a success!!! This aids us all, including our world. Get ready to laugh a lot and learn techniques beyond the average
Reiki approach. Minimum of 3 students.

Reiki - In Home or Online

Reiki 1 Training 

  • $150 plus cost of travel due on arrival via PayPal or Square

  • 8 hours of training

Reiki - In Home or Online

Reiki 2 Training 

  • $150 plus cost of travel due on arrival via PayPal or Square

  • 8 hours of Level 2 Reiki training

Reiki - In Home or Online

Master / Teacher- $150

  • $150 plus cost of travel due on arrival via PayPal or Square

  • 6 hours 


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