Holistic Health Consultations – $50 per 40 min session.  Holistic life considers many factors such as emotional, environmental, past experiences, physical, and spiritual nutrition.  The goal is to provide a clear plan for you to move forward.  Eastern, Tribal, and Western healing and psychological philosophies are considered.  The idea is to provide what you need to resolve the issue at hand.  Often this plan can include a list that will take some time to complete.  I want you to heal and move on.

Numerology and Astrology Chart – $45 per chart (this is emailed to you after providing the necessary information).  These charts are excellent at pinpointing talents, skills not known, purpose in life, and pitfalls.  We come in at times that are specific to our intended experience and knowing this can help give guidance and open doors to further knowledge about ourselves and others.  Numbers are the Universal language and numerology rules this world both for light and dark purposes.  For those that hate numbers – this is a way to learn a different view and you may end up finding them greatly informative.

Tarot Readings: $150 per 1 1/2 hour session.  Tarot is an excellent form of spirit communication.  It was initially developed to aid people, before the written word, in understanding the different parts of ourselves.  Often referred to as archetypes.

Customized Hypnosis Sessions:  $150 per 1 hour appt and 45 minute recorded session on cd.  Stop-smoking (98% success rate) and other addictions; pain management; setting intent and raising life-standards, attracting what you want, sleeping…  The list is endless.  Hypnosis has been used forever in many forms.  It is a way to get the subconscious mind, conscious mind, and energy on the same page through visualization.  Thinking is at the core of most illness and the majority of our self-imposed blockages.  When thinking changes, so do actions, and life follows.

All appointments are prepaid, non-refundable, and made through the company email at:  holisticcollaboration@gmail

These sessions are for healing purposes and will be held via skype or phone.  These are private sessions and we both need to be able to speak freely.  Many times I am channeling from your Celestial Team and Archangels just waiting to help.  Please make sure you are well-hydrated as energy can communicate better this way.

I look forward to finding out what we both can learn from each other.  Thank you, Divine Love to all!